Onward is now part of BerlinRosen!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Onward is now part of top communications agency BerlinRosen.

Who We Are

With a long-standing focus on some of the most progressive and relevant issues of the day—from racial and social justice, and climate change, to LGBTQ+ rights, workers’ rights, and more—BerlinRosen’s diverse team of experts is uniquely positioned to help clients including foundations, nonprofits, corporations and entertainment brands, navigate challenging situations and provide authentic engagement. Their powerful communications strategies for clients such as HBOMax, Color Of Change, UNICEF USA, Sandy Hook Promise, Fight for 15, and Wikimedia are widely recognized, including most recently by Observer, which named BerlinRosen the #1 Best PR Agency in 2022.

Since Onward’s founding in 2016, we have quickly become a go-to firm for organizations across industries looking to do meaningful DEI work, receiving accolades for our notable strength in transforming organizational culture in a sustainable way. Growing from a team of one to a team of experts with extensive knowledge and varied experience working with dozens of clients across industries, I’m extremely proud of how far Onward has come. We have partnered with many organizations, across industries such as Nike, One Design, the New Commonwealth Fund, Only One, The Gates Foundation, and the Aspen Institute, to help them improve in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. And now it’s time to take it one step further.

Our Partnership

Over the past year, we have partnered with BerlinRosen to bolster their own internal DEI programming, and since then, this partnership has evolved into their first-ever acquisition. As challenging as this work is, BerlinRosen is focused on walking the walk, not just talking the talk. This is showcased across their clients, staff diversity (including in leadership roles), and deep commitment to doing the hard work to advance equity in their workplace and industry.

What This Means For Our Partners
This acquisition will allow Onward to powerfully bolster our capabilities to design and deliver innovative learning experiences that build personal and organizational capacity for change all while testing the most cutting-edge solutions to entrenched issues of equity. As part of the acquisition, our partners will continue to receive the usual Onward care, support, service, and feeback they’re accustomed to, and also benefit from increased offerings like comms and other related services, more staff capacity, and increased depth and breadth of knowledge among team members. We thank our partnersfor their trust and partnership and remain as committed as ever to supporting your vision in a meaningful way.

Onward will help BerlinRosen drive new and coordinated DEI engagement strategies as well as further power their Cultural Competency division, focused on discrete high-level counsel, strategy, messaging, and communications guidance for organizations handling complex cultural challenges and opportunities inside and outside their operations.

We can’t wait to share all the exciting partnerships and projects that we have been working on together.