What We Do

Onward's professional consulting services include organizational strategy, executive coaching programs, learning opportunities, assessments, and tools to support partners in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

One United Endeavor

At Onward, imagination and iteration are core to our consulting work. We practice and encourage design thinking, organized around four core concepts:

Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity
Four pillars v2
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    Connecting across differences requires empathy. Onward builds bridges through tools like storytelling, virtual reality, and proximity. By helping individuals stand in another’s shoes, we encourage greater self-reflection around bias and meaningful dialogue, sparking change.

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    Stories are powerful. They allow us to see ourselves and our unconscious biases more clearly. We emphasize storytelling in our work to help our partners better understand who they are, how they relate to others, and how different identities inform diverse experiences.

  3. 03

    Tool Design

    From equity design cards to virtual reality, our toolkit is as innovative as it is effective, powered by insights and iterations from our R&D lab. We collaborate with our partners to develop tailored curricula and take-home, turnkey products.

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    Capacity Building

    Practice and real world application are crucial to skill-based learning. We build our partners’ skills through assessments, goal-setting, context-specific professional learning experiences, and executive coaching, as well as truth and reconciliation work.

Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity — Toward Equity
Pushing Towards Growth


Change is challenging work. We’re thoughtful about selecting partners who are ready and willing to engage. Together, we push beyond our comfort zones and embark on a uniquely tailored experience, designed to deepen our awareness and expand our capacity to build equitable workplaces.

Mural, downtown Denver, Colorado

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Frederick Douglass