We come from many backgrounds, united in our belief in equity and our vision for a world where difference is celebrated and the richness of diversity is cultivated.

Janine Chen, Facilitator & Designer

Leading from her values of empathy, courageous authenticity, and hope, Janine moves others toward people-centered, collaborative leadership in practical ways.

Candace Stanciel, Lead Consultant

An equity implementor focused on systems change, Candace has worked to build the capacity of leaders and organizations, from Southeast D.C. to the Bay Area to South Africa.

Colin Angevine, Designer & Facilitator

Colin's work toward equity begins and ends with relationships, and focuses on design, learning, and collaboration in between.

Leonard Medlock, Lead Designer

Analytical, conceptual, contradictory, and provocative, Leonard nudges people and ideas from thought to action.

Veronica Benavides, Program Architect

Driven by a commitment to her community, Veronica is an experienced educator, researcher, facilitator, change management strategist, and leadership development specialist.

Janna Pea, Executive Vice President

Combining her years of PR work in women’s rights, entertainment, labor and politics, Janna has deep experience advising high-profile clients and is known for her calm navigation of crisis communications situations.

Brittany Erickson, Consultant & Designer

An experienced educator, learning designer & strategist, Britt helps teams realize greater authenticity and impact in all they do.

Caitlin McCorkle, Vice President

With an eye for detail, a curious mind, and a knack for technology, Caitlin manages strategy, projects, and information to further our movement.

Mariam Shahab, Senior Vice President

Mariam Shahab has more than 12 years of experience developing innovative and creative social and digital campaigns to help clients achieve their goals.

Thaly Germain, Managing Director

An entrepreneur, change agent, and activist, Thaly has worked to build the capacity of leaders and organizations internationally.

Juliet Silveira, Resident Artist

An artist, writer and educator, Juliet Silveira supports adults and children in finding creative, sustainable and empowering ways to learn and grow together.

Tamar Lawrence-Samuel, Lead Program Designer

An activist and strategist, Tamar has organized large-scale change for social justice across continents, from climate justice at the United Nations to integrated DEI and strategic planning with organizations in the US.